Our Tags

Our Old Stone Tag (patent pending) measures 2-5/16″ round and is 1/16″ thick. The tag comes with a 3M300LSE permanent adhesive applied to the back of the tag for permanent adhesion to the memorial or marker. What the user sees is up to who purchases and maintains the tag’s contents on our platform. Simply affix your tag to the dedicated memorial location for the memories to unfold.

We also offer an indoor, flexible, on-metal tag that measures 1-1/2″ round and is 1/50″ thick. This tag comes with a 3M™ 467MP adhesive applied to the back of the tag.

This is not a subscription service, and there are no maintenance fees. Upon purchasing the tag, you will create your account and be given access to begin providing the information tied to the tag you purchased. Your tag will be shipped to you in 5-7 days, with everything needed for easy application.

We've Listened! We're Excited!! We are working to expand our product Offering!

In preparation for expansion, we have moved ordering to our Shopify Site. Please click the link below to get your OST today! 

How to Add Content
to your Old Stone Tag

How to Apply and Read
your Old Stone Tag