About Old Stone Tag, Inc. (OST)

Established October 1, 2021

Through this tool, individuals will understand the – (dash) between a person’s birth date and their death date. Old Stone Tag connects memorial visitors with the person’s obituary, family tree, pictures, and video clips; affording users their own personal tour guide of history. Currently, when visiting a memorial, all one sees is the dash on the headstone, Old Stone Tag changes that. This tool will show their journey, who they were, where they were from, what they meant to this world, their loved ones, what was important to them, what they accomplished in their lifetime, and keep their connection alive after their passing.


The purpose of this product and service is to connect an individual to the past, to oversee leaving the legacy of their life to their lineage, to preserve history, and to refresh and re-examine how individuals receive information surrounding historical sites, historical locations, gravesites, historical monuments/statues, and historic homes. Old Stone Tag, Inc. (OST) wants to create an experience that is personal and unique to each user.

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