PROGRAM ONE includes partnerships with various non-profit organizations. This program is available to any 501(c)(3) organization that elects to provide tags to families at no charge who are grieving the loss of a loved one. This includes charitable organizations that assist with funeral costs, childhood cancer, Alzheimer’s, hospice, religious charities, along with senior citizen and veteran organizations, to name a few. Old Stone Tag splits the cost of each tag with any organization participating in this affiliate program (keepsake tags included). 

PROGRAM TWO is our in-home creation session. Structured much like any in-home party, the purpose is to create a nurturing environment for sharing, learning genealogy research techniques, answering questions, assisting with uploading information associated with the tag, and of course, purchasing a tag or tags. Independent sales reps earn commission on each primary tag sale and session hostesses can earn half-price and free tags. 

If interested in participating in either of our affiliate programs, please contact Korie Guthrie at