PROGRAM ONE includes partnerships with various funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, and monument companies to offer Old Stone Tags to their clientele. The decision to include the tag as a value-added product or to sell the tag as an addon purchase is left up to the respective company. In either case, affiliates can purchase Old Stone Tags at a discounted price or participate through a consignment agreement.

PROGRAM TWO includes partnerships with various American Legion posts. Through this affiliate program, American Legion members can purchase tags at a discount, and in turn, Old Stone Tag will donate $10 from the sale of each tag to the member’s respective post (keepsake tags not included). In addition, volunteers have offered to assist members with adding content to the tags purchased, if needed. 

PROGRAM THREE includes partnerships with various non-profit organizations. This program is available to any 501(c)(3) organization that elects to provide tags to families at no charge who are grieving the loss of a loved one. This includes charitable organizations that assist with funeral costs, childhood cancer, Alzheimer’s, hospice, religious charities, along with senior citizen and veteran organizations, to name a few. Old Stone Tag splits the cost of each tag with any organization participating in this affiliate program (keepsake tags included). 

PROGRAM FOUR is our in-home creation session. Structured much like any in-home party, the purpose is to create a nurturing environment for sharing, learning genealogy research techniques, answering questions, assisting with uploading information associated with the tag, and of course, purchasing a tag or tags. Independent sales reps earn commission on each primary tag sale and session hostesses can earn half-price and free tags. 

If interested in participating in any of our affiliate programs, please contact Korie Guthrie at