I would like to say how great these tags are, I only wish they would have been available before my grandparents/parents passed away.  Now I’m at the age where I would love to hear stories about their childhood and life (the dash). I have tags for our grandparents & parents and even my husband’s 2 brothers who passed away at an early age. Now my kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, etc. can learn and read and see about our family and where I came from.  All they have to do is go to the headstone and tap the tag.  They may even find out they have inherited some traits.  After a loved one passes you won’t have to ask which family member has all these records and pictures or even if they will share this with you. Right now with your busy schedule raising kids, working, sports and activities has consumed your day, you may think there is no time or reason, but don’t wait until you can’t. I have pictures, documents, newspaper clippings, marriage license, and now I want to add health information so family members can be aware and take precautions if necessary.  I can easily add anything to my tag any time of day and it’s uploaded to the tag immediately.  So if I find something I go to my account and add it and I’m done. Eventually, I want to get a tag for myself and start adding things to it and then when I pass my family can place it on my headstone. Thanks, Old Stone Tag! ~ Linda Glover